Our plants are all grown on the premises:


PRICES  (no change from last year)

Box Bedding

Main range (12, 16 or 24 plants) £6.50 box or £3.25 half box :

Ageratum, Alyssum, Antirrhinum, Begonia (mixed or 7 individual colours including dark leaf varietes), Cosmos, Dahlia,  Lobelia (mixed compact or trailing in 7 individual colours), Marigold (French or Dwarf African mixed or individual colours), Mesembryanthemum, Mimulus, Nemesia, Petunia (mixed or 7 individual colours), Portulaca, Salvia (red or blue), Silver Leaf, Verbena & Zinnia.

Premium Boxes (12 plants) £7.50 box or £3.75 half box :

Geranium F1 : Mixed or 7 individual colours including dark leaf varieties
Impatiens Divine F1 : Mixed Colours – Warm shades of red, violet, pink & white

Pot Bedding

Basket Plants etc. 9cm pot £1.60 each :

Bacopa (Sutera), Bidens, Calibrachoa (11 cultivars), Diascia, Dichondra, Euphorbia, Helichrysum, Lysimachia, Nemesia, Petunia Surfinia/Viva/Tumbelina (16 cultivars), Plectranthus, Scaevola & Verbena.

Geranium 10cm pot £2.20 each or Large 3 litre pot £6 each
Fuchsia 10cm pot £2.20 each  or Large 3 litre pot £6 each – upright Fuchsia Alice Hoffman (Hardy)
Trailing Begonia 10cm pot £2.20 each

Large Pot Bedding etc. 14cm pot £2.70 each :

Antirrhinum, Begonia – Upright Non stop & Dragons Wing, Coleus, Cosmos, Dahlia, Euryops, Gazania, Heliotrope, Lophospermum, Osteospermum, Rudbeckia & Verbena endurascape.

Perennial Plants etc. 2 litre pot £4.50 each :

Coreopsis Sunfire, Delphinium, Digitalis, Gaura, Lavender, Lobelia cardinalis, Lupin, Primula vialii, Scabiosa, Verbena bonariensis (3 litre pot)

Hanging Baskets

Large wire £33 each
Rattan £28 each
Plastic £13 single species or £16 mixed floral selection

Planted Pots £16.00 each

Miscellaneous Plants 9cm pot £1.60 each
Sweet Peas, Nasturtium, Morning Glory etc.

Vegetable Plants (non VAT)

Tomato etc. in 9cm pots £1.20 each
Female Cucumber £1.60 each
Lettuce, Cabbage etc. £2.75 pack or £5.50 double pack
Runner Beans £6.50 box approx. 24 or £3.25 half box approx. 12
Herbs £1.60 each

Compost 2018 Prices

Briarwood Nurseries are delighted to stock CLOVER retail composts. We are confident that you will be pleased with the consistent and superior quality compared to mass market products.
Clover is a premium product for the discerning amateur gardener, containing 100% Irish Moss Peat.
NO Recycled content.
Clover Peat is a family business which manufactures a range of horticultural growing media. All peat is sourced from their own carefully managed peat bogs in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. They are not in designated sites of scientific or scenic interest.
Our vegetable plants are grown in Clover professional compost and our bedding plants are grown in our own compost which is mixed on site using Clover peat plus additional ingredients.

We stock Clover multi purpose compost, tub & basket compost as well as grow bags:

Mother Earth Multi purpose compost
@ £4.99 per 50 litre bag (10p per litre) or 3 bags for £12 (8p per litre)
Good value all purpose compost containing all essential nutrients and wetting agents.
Recommended where quantity and quality are considerations.
Far superior to mass market multi purpose composts.

Traditional Gold Tub & Basket compost
@ £5.99 per 50 litre bag (12p per litre)
Premium product which contains water holding polymer and slow release fertiliser.
Recommended for use in challenging situations such as:
infrequent watering and small containers.

Growing bag
@ £2.99 per 40 litre bag (7½p per litre)
High quality full size bag with nutrients suitable for a wide variety of edibles and ornamentals.
Recommended for 3 – 4 plants.

We also sell a useful range of plastic pots and garden sundries including 8ft bamboo canes.