Re-Opening Tuesday 1st May 2018

We are now making a start in readiness for another year.  Hope to see you in May.

Now Closed

We closed down just before 3pm on SATURDAY 3rd JUNE 2017

For us 2017 was an overwhelming success with another early sell out.  Remarkably our busiest sales day was our opening day.  We are seeing a change of peak sales now at the May Day bank holiday instead of Chelsea week. Global warming is leading to earlier spring sales, or perhaps there is a desire to buy while we still have our widest range of plants available.  The place certainly looks at its best before we let the public in!  Customers without glasshouses are taking some risk with the weather, however most bedding plants stop growing rather than die if they get too cold.  Traditionally the bulk of the bedding season is over by Derby Day and we were glad to close on Derby Day, by which time we had very few customers and lots of empty glasshouses.  Plant quality generally remained satisfyingly high throughout our short selling season, however some plants were too small when sold and would have benefited from remaining with us for a little longer. We regained quality control once the second batches of plants were moved up for sale because we kept them in our growing houses until just right.  It was gratifying to sell our last box of perfect pink Begonia knowing that they were even better than the first.  Our thanks is extended to those who support our little business by buying our plants.

£357.53 donated to the British Lung Foundation in 2017 by our customers – THANK YOU

Did your child inadvertently leave a copy of “Lets Grow” in the pot bedding house during half term week? Email to arrange its return.

Sale started Thursday 1st June:  20% off everything.  Only boxes of Begonia & Geranium as well as sundries and multi purpose compost & grow bags available on final day.


Charity patch bench:  a few vegetable plants free, but donations to the British Lung Foundation welcome


Following a very quiet bank holiday Monday we have a better than anticipated range of excellent quality plants remaining.


Our little wooden glasshouse by the entrance is looking full and flowery at the start of the bank holiday weekend.  We have lots of big Geranium at £6 each and plastic hanging baskets at £12 or £15.

On the outside benches boxes of Antirrhinum, Lobelia, Petunia and Cosmos are looking good.  In the big glasshouse there are plenty of top quality Geranium (mixed or scarlet), Begonia (all colours) as well as Salvia, Marigolds, Verbena and Ageratum in boxes.

The big pot bedding glasshouse still holds a reasonable selection of basket plants, however everything grown in larger pots is now virtually sold out.

A selection of vegetable plants are still available including runner beans.

Compost and sundries also available.


Selling out fast with quality remaining generally good, but choice declining.  We have no more plants growing in the glasshouses beyond the gate, once sold out we will close.  Box bedding is still looking good and most items are available.  Reasonable choice of basket plants,  but few Cosmos, Fuchsia, Geranium and Begonia.

Vegetable plants still available.

This will probably be the final sold out list – it’s become too long.

Sold out of (none to follow):

Boxes: Nemesia Sundrops, Dahlia Harlequin, Zinnia, Mimulus, French Marigold Bee, Petunia: Red Vein, White, Red and Blackberry, African Marigold Vanilla and mixed, Alyssum, Compact Lobelia Crystal Palace, Geranium White, Impatiens New Guinea mixed.

Pots: Coreopsis, lemon scented Geranium, Helichrysum, Lophospermum, Dahlia, Ivy Geranium: white, Marlen, decora stellena, Erke and Ruben (red),  Fuchsia: Annabelle, Royal Mosaic, Voodoo, Paula Jane, Sir Matt Busby, Tom Thumb, Snowcap, Holly’s Beauty, Pink Galore and New Millennium, Geranium: Vancouver Centennial, Mrs. Pollock, Bernd, Magnus, Katarina, Eric, Hero and Shocking Pink, Lupin, Gaura, Salvia East Friesland, Heliotrope, Diascia pink and Appleblossom, some upright tuberous Begonia inc. Pink, Begonia Illumination Scarlet and boliviensis Orange, Impatiens New Guinea White and Cherry Red, Osteospermum Pink Spoon, Orange Sunrise and Purple and White, Cosmos White and Yellow, Petunia: Surfinia Deep Red, Capuchino, amore Queen of Hearts, White, Indian Summer, tumbelina Susannah and Priscilla, Scaevola, Calibrachoa: Lavender Sorbet, white and Rosies Pale Yellow, Delphinium, Begonia Dragons Wing Pink, Bidens, Nemesia Purple Bicolour and Wisley Vanilla and Sutera Big White, Digitalis, Lobelia cardinals Queen Victoria, Argyranthemum Pink, Verbena Peach, Lobelia Hot Blue, Coleus.

Large traditional Fuchsia and Geranium hanging baskets.

8ft & 6ft bamboo canes.


Big Geranium in 3 litre pots now available at £6.


A huge volume of penetrating rain leaves our gardens perfectly placed to plant up before the weeds get going and after the likelihood of damaging spring frosts is over.  Early sales had temporarily cleared us out of some stock, however the main and final batches of plants are now available.  Everywhere is looking full again.  Once it is gone there are very few more plants beyond the gates.  We do not anticipate remaining open beyond 4th June if sales continue at the present rate.

Box bedding house is now almost full again with young stock. Begonia and Geranium in all colours. Cosmos and Dahlia Figaro in mixed colours. Petunia and other box bedding continue to be available. Alyssum, Antirrhinum and Lobelia (trailing and compact all colours) on outside benches.

Pot bedding house is well stocked with most basket plants and a very few more to follow.  All larger plants are selling fast – all stock on display.  Upright Fuchsia Winston Churchill in 3 litre pots.


Wednesday we are closed so this gives us the opportunity to move lots more plants up for sale from our additional glasshouses.  The pot bedding house is once again looking impressive, a full compliment of Calibrachoa, Snowflake and Petunia Surfinia etc. are now back on sale. The pot Geranium and Fuchsia are approximately half sold although the spaced out plants cover their original area. A fresh batch of pot Cosmos are now available again.  We now have the widest choice on display, however this situation will rapidly change.

Boxes of Alyssum available again, but still quite small. Plenty more to follow.

Currently sold out, but second batch coming soon: bedding Geranium Red, white, trailing Lobelia Rose pink, compact Lobelia blue with white eye.

Our large 3 litre Geranium will be ready around the third week of May. They will be joined by some large upright Fuchsias.

06/05/2017 at 10am  After a week of trading we have now sold out of several items; with the next batches timed to be ready for mid to late May. We are keeping them in our other growing houses for a little longer to grow bigger.

If you are looking for Calibrachoa, Bacopa/Sutera Snowflake, Surfinia pink/blue, Alyssum, White or scarlet bedding Geranium in boxes they may be unavailable, or only a limited choice. Suggest you delay your visit. Next batch too small today – but lots more plants to follow.

All 10cm pot Geranium & Fuchsia available and selling well. Pot begonia quite small so better left with us. Lophospermum (climber with wine red flowers) selling well so buy soon. With fifty traditional hanging baskets sold on our first day the choice is now limited. None to follow. Plenty of plastic baskets.

03/05/17   First day of trading on Saturday 29th April was notable for record breaking sales throughout the day.

After the bank holiday weekend some items are now in short supply.  Thursdays are usually a good day to visit, because Wednesdays are spent moving fresh stock up for sale.

Some double Calibrachoa out of stock,  but we have plenty more basket plants growing, though not quite ready yet, will probably be moved up for sale at the weekend.

Our large planted hanging baskets have been selling fast, so not many left now.  Surfinia baskets still small but available now. Large mixed Begonia baskets need to grow on and remain protected from severe weather, so not yet sold.

Plenty more box bedding growing on in batches to follow.

29/04/17     Open for the 2017 season

Plenty of stock ready now, with loads of colour showing.

Mr. Smith senior has grown lots of vegetable plants.

28/03/17     We are now half way through the potting up and pricking out of plants for this season.  It is a very busy time for us as we continue with these tasks as well as routine horticultural necessities and getting the premises ready to Re-open on Saturday 29th April 2017 at 10am.  The weather and growth is quite advanced at this stage; so it’s looking like an early spring is upon us; but as always beware the damaging spring frosts which often continue into May.

Look out for this year:

  • Impatiens New Guinea Big Bounce – All our pot New Guinea Impatiens are now this larger more vigorous type, having tried out just one colour last year.  They are taller with great all summer long performance in larger pots or tubs. Choice of five very attractive colours.
  • We’re only growing disease resistant Impatiens N.G. Divine in boxes this year, always late to get going, but they look really promising at present.  No ordinary Busy Lizzies.
  • More Calibrachoa Rosies – these double flowered Million Bells grew well and looked really pretty last year so we have done a few more.  All Calibrachoa are good in sunny places and tolerate the occasional drying out of a hanging basket, but are prone to aphid attack.
  • No hardy Fuchsia riccartonii this year (we usually do a batch in 3 litre pots).  Still growing a few hardy cultivars in 10cm pots.
  • Heliotrope (fragrant upright plant sometimes known as cherry pie) now grown in larger 14cm pots because they were just looking too cramped in their previous basket plant category.
  • More Argyranthemum (aka Marguerite – daisy flowers) now available in pink.
  • Yellow Cosmos NEW colour break in 2017 – We have a very few Cosmos Xanthos yellow in 14cm pots. The plants are looking surprisingly vigorous and strong, they should flower a soft shade of yellow.

02/03/17     The heat is now on; we are busy growing for the forthcoming season.


The roadside glasshouse was renovated late last summer. Despite it looking unchanged the entire wooden, glass and steel front has been replaced. You will now be quite safe to return in 2017. All of the glazing bars in the roof have been strengthened and covered with Sylglas waterproofing tape so umbrellas and hard hats are no longer advised equipment. Fresh paintwork inside and out complete the refurbishment.

Slightly increased production is planned for next year so even if the weather is good and sales are brisk it is likely that we will continue trading longer into June 2017 than our record early sell out on the 4th June 2016.