Are you open?

When did you close?
When we sold out –  Friday 31st May 2019

When did you re-open?
Saturday 27th April 2019 at 10am

How long were you open in 2019?
Five weeks.

What are your normal hours of business?

Opening Hours
Monday 10am – 5pm
Tuesday 10am – 5pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10am – 5pm
Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm


Will you be open on bank holiday Monday?
Yes 10am until 5pm (or earlier if no customers)

When can I plant out my flowers & vegetables?
Tender plants are susceptible to frost damage, so wait until the last spring frosts occur.
Each year the weather is different, but usually night frosts are over by mid May.
Some tender plants are tougher than others.
e.g. Keep Begonia, Marigolds and Runner Beans protected.
Alyssum, Mimulus and Broad Beans are pretty tough.

What do you sell?
See the Plants & Prices page.
A range of bedding plants in boxes & pots from Alyssum to Zinnia. Also a few popular herbaceous plants in 2 litre pots. A modest selection of associated garden sundries and a range of high quality composts and Grow bags. Mr. Smith senior is growing his tremendously popular vegetable plants as usual.

Do you re-use pots and bedding trays?
No, however we do re-use carrying trays (plastic and expanded polystyrene) which hold pots.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs on lead welcome.

Did you grow Impatiens in 2019?
Only mildew resistant Bedding Impatiens New Guinea Divine in boxes of 12 plants. They perform well in shady conditions and are a little taller and later flowering than conventional bedding Impatiens.
We did not grow any of the larger Impatiens in big pots this year, although they do continue to stay free from mildew.

What is the problem with Impatiens/Busy Lizzies?
A relatively new fungal disease Impatiens Downy Mildew has rapidly become widespread and caused devastation in gardens. Unfortunately we can no longer recommend what was once such a delightful mainstay of bedding plant displays.
Most young plants are raised from seed, at this stage all stock is free free of disease.
The problem usually occurs after planting out when climatic conditions favour the spread of fungal spores and plants are no longer sheltered in the glasshouse. Overwintering spores can survive in soil and are able to infect new plants each year. Do not plant Impatiens in soil or dirty pots where they have previously grown.
In 2016 we grew some ordinary mildew susceptible Impatiens in three separate colours. After a promising show of summer colour by the early autumn we saw defoliation set in and will not be growing them again.

What alternatives to Impatiens in boxes do you suggest?
Begonia semperflorens make a useful substitute, they also flower incredibly well (the latin means always flowering) and are very easy to grow. We produce them in boxes of 16 plants (also available as half boxes)

Why did you close down?
There are very many reasons, principal amongst which is that we have decided to concentrate on our ever popular core activity of growing bedding plants since fewer customers have been visiting us at other times of the year.

What do you do while you are closed?
We are looking after all the plants from the end of February until we close, managing the business and some diversified interests at quieter times of the year.

Can I telephone you?
No, the telephone lines have been disconnected.
Please use the contact form to send us an email or:
You will get a personal reply, provided I receive your email.

Do you still take credit/debit card payments?

Do you do HTA gift tokens?

Do you grow all the plants?

Will you open next year?
Maybe. A decision is taken on a year by year basis each autumn when we plan ahead for the following spring.